Why Use Temporary Help?

Strategic staffing allows companies to meet their objectives including special projects, seasonal peaks, employee leave and other demands for special talent, skills, coverage or productivity increases.

Let WORKFORCE Enterprises Be Your Partner in Success.

WORKFORCE Enterprises is much more than just an employment agency. If you have job openings, get in touch with us, one of the leading temp agencies and we can help you fill them with talented, skilled candidates.

We are your multi-state employment and recruiting agency. We’ll get to know your business and help you pinpoint what you’re really looking for in a candidate.

At WORKFORCE Enterprises, Temporary / Contract Staffing Is What We Do

We specialize in providing flexible “smart staffing” solutions to help employers:

  • Reduce overhead
  • Meet deadlines
  • Complete all types of projects
  • Tackle new initiatives
  • Eliminate process bottlenecks
  • Access expertise as needed
  • Fill staffing gaps resulting from disability, maternity leave, vacations, resignations or terminations
  • Complete all types of projects
  • Get more work done

Types of Service Provided

On demand, as needed, for special projects, absences, peak periods, growth, specific skill sets needed only temporarily. Very flexible scheduling. Effectively used to often meet or beat expenditure budgets and project deadlines.

Your company may directly hire WORKFORCE Enterprises’ temporary employee for a fee. This option is available to all WORKFORCE Enterprises customers.

  • Freedom to Hire Request

As customer, you identify the employee, determine the wage and job description – WORKFORCE Enterprises adds a small percentage and payrolls the person for as long or short as you want. You reap the savings! The savings is in comparison to regular temporary help where WORKFORCE Enterprises must find the employee. WORKFORCE Enterprises is great for orientation or introductory periods or to boost staffing during peak periods. WORKFORCE Enterprises is a great way to employ prospective or former employees, family, retirees or seasonal employees … at the rate you want them to be paid and a bill rate you control.

At WORKFORCE Enterprises, we don’t just provide you with a warm body. Our team of Staffing Professionals work every day to develop our pool of professional, skilled and talented temporary employees.